In October 2020, Arsenal Attorneys will open its new office in Rocklin, California. The firm will offer services in estate planning, business formations, firearms issues, and other areas of law throughout the region. 

In August 2019 and August 2020, Matthew Bergstrom served as faculty for a continuing legal education program on estate administration at the invitation of Strafford Publications. 

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Arsenal Attorneys' Matthew Bergstrom recently taught "World Civilization II" for William Jessup University in Rocklin, California. Mr. Bergstrom serves as an Adjunct Professor of History at Jessup, where he has also taught American History. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Advisors for the school's Institute for Public Policy. 

Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon was interviewed by Kojo Nnamdi of Public radio station WAMU of Washington, DC on October 2, 2017 to discuss recent rulings by the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C.

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On July 18, 2017, Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon appeared on the Russian independent TV network, RTVi, to debate civil rights and constitutional law.


Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon was interviewed on WMAL radio June 15, 2017 concerning the recent attack on congressmen by a gunman. Mr. Lyon discussed the difficulties of obtaining permits to carry concealed firearms in jurisdictions, like the District of Columbia, who have a 'may issue' policy rather than a 'shall issue' law requiring approval of applications by law-abiding citizens. Listen to the full interview at this link

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The Washington Post featured the work of Arsenal Attorneys in its article on September 17, 2016, "D.C. to lift stun-gun ban after constitutional challenge." The story features the firm's representation of three clients seeking protection of their Second Amendment right to own non-lethal stun guns for their personal security. 

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The Volokh Conspiracy, a blog by legal scholars hosted by the Washington Post, reported on Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon work in Wright v. D.C.


Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon was interviewed by WUSA-9 TV concerning the conviction of Hisashi Pompey. 


On November 30, 2016, Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon was featured in the 

Huffington Post in an article on the use of body cameras for law enforcement and, just as importantly, for criminal defense.  


Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon appeared on WMAL this afternoon to discuss recent events at the US Supreme Court with host Larry O'Connor. 

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George L. Lyon, Jr of Arsenal Attorneys appeared on the Al Jazeera TV network to discuss crime statistics during the "Inside Story" program hosted by Ray Suarez.

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Arsenal Attorneys' Michael W. Zarlenga  was named the General Counsel of Dr. Ben Carson's presidential campaign. Mr. Zarlenga was tapped for this position because of his extensive experience organizing complex legal structures enabling enterprises to manage change and compliance with government regulations.  His experience as a corporate attorney, as the leader of a startup technology company, and as an entrepreneur make Zarlenga an effective general counsel. 

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In Jan. 8, 2016 episode of Inside Story with Ray Suarez, Arsenal Attorneys' Managing Attorney Matthew Bergstrom addressed executive actions by President Obama and the 2016 presidential election.

NFA conference

Arsenal Attorneys' Managing Attorney, Matthew Bergstrom, was a guest speaker at the 75th Annual Conference of the National Sheriffs' Association on Saturday June 27, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Bergstrom spoke about a regulation proposed by the Obama Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

American Bar Association

Arsenal Attorneys' Managing Attorney, Matthew Bergstrom, was a featured instructor for a seminar organized by the American Bar Association on estate planning, particularly the use of trusts for special assets, including firearms. Mr. Bergstrom presented solutions for protecting clients, and he discussed the challenges lawyers must overcome.  He encouraged the audience to provide clients informative and user-friendly solutions.  He cautioned that complex legal documents can easily become incomprehensible and provide clients a false sense of security.  Instead, attorneys should focus on the needs of clients and also the needs of the clients' successors.


WAMU (American University public radio in Washington, DC) featured Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon in its reporting on May 21, 2015 regarding the US District Court's decision in Wrenn v. DC. 

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The Financial Planners Association's Central Virginia Chapter featured Matthew Bergstrom at its February 2015 meeting in Richmond. Mr. Bergstrom addressed the special challenges of handling nontraditional assets in estate planning. Mr. Bergstrom has advised clients concerning a variety of nontraditional assets, from artwork to armaments. Mr. Bergstrom discussed the need for legal and financial professionals either to obtain expertise to understand the special needs of their clients or to identify professionals to recommend for these situations.

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Arsenal Attorneys' Michael W. Zarlenga appeared in a CBS news report on February 17, 2015 concerning airline security and arrests at TSA checkpoints. In 2014, the number of firearms discovered at airport security checkpoints rose by 22%. Mr. Zarlenga cautioned travelers about the need to confirm changing airline regulations and varied state laws concerning travel and possession of firearms.

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The Wall Street Journal featured Arsenal Attorneys' Managing Attorney, Matthew Bergstrom, in an article on gun trusts by reporter Anna Prior in the Wealth Adviser section. The story, "Planners Use Gun Trusts to Smooth Firearms Transfers," discussed the need for wealth managers to address the special concerns of gun owners.

The article quoted several wealth advisers and financial planners who increasingly serve clients with gun collections: "Brian Kuhn, a Fulton, Md.-based certified financial planner with Planning Solutions Group, which manages about $500 million, says he didn't always ask his clients if they had guns until recently. He added that topic to his routine list of estate-planning questions after a recent conversation with an estate-planning attorney, who explained the issues. Now, 'as I come across people who own guns, I'm making sure they talk to an attorney that specializes in gun trusts,' he says."

Arsenal Attorneys' Matthew Bergstrom was quoted as such an attorney who serves gun owners across America: "Think about the trust as a means to keep the client safe and legal, and to provide all of the guidance to their beneficiaries so they stay safe and legal." Further, Bergstrom explained how a trust avoids the need for a a public probate court proceeding, which clients prefer for their gun collections because they 'don't want the possibility of a public record showing who inherits their firearms.'"

The full article can be found in the Wall Street Journal online edition here.

washington post

The Washington Times featured Matthew Bergstrom in two articles by reporter Kelly Riddell concerning BATFE regulations.


Matthew Bergstrom served as an instructor for the American Bar Association in its course on estate planning for attorneys. Mr. Bergstrom discussed successful strategies for protecting clients and their heirs.