"This team was very professional, service was outstanding and timing was fast. I received a quality product as advertised. I would definitely recommend them and use them again if I need another Trust put together. The optional turn key package was well worth the money." -- Rob, posting at avvo.com

"Mr. Bergstrom went far out of his way to assist me in every way possible. There were numerous instances when I emailed him with a question on a weekend assuming that I'd have his reply on Monday only to have a reply w/in a couple of hours - service far beyond my expectations. In addition to great service Mr. Bergstrom is extremely knowledgeable. Given my excellent experience with Mr. Bergstrom I recommended him to my best friend, also a former CIII. He too received outstanding serviced and was very pleased. I can say without any reservations that the service which I received from Mr. Bergstrom FAR exceeded my expectations. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Bergstrom! I am absolutely confident that you will be most pleased with his service."

Matthew Bergstrom "is very thorough and made me feel like I was dealing with someone who had my interests in mind, not just a paycheck."

"Matthew [Bergstrom] is a tested and proven asset to our business. As a legal resource he and his firm provide timely and actionable counsel at the right degree of breadth and depth. As an industry partner, our engagements are always positive and yield beneficial results to our customers. Matthew is collegial and approachable, demonstrating his expertise within our industry, he actively listens and understands customer concerns, always taking individual customer circumstances into account."

"Matthew Bergstrom and his team set the standard for this type of work (estate planning). Beyond merely setting up your trust, Matthew is available for follow on questions (useful for the newbie) and all sorts of advice. I was new to the whole family trust thingy, and I began to feel guilty I consumed so much of Matthew's time explaining every scenario I could come up with, and over time. I feel as though I've gained a trusted friend and confidant - not just a lawyer. That says a lot considering what they say about lawyers! It says even more about Matthew. Definitely recommend."

"I definitely got my money's worth out of the transaction. Before making that decision, I spent a great deal of time researching trusts in general, and of course. That is just my nature, to want to have as complete an understanding of something as I reasonably can, even if I do end up delegating execution to an expert. Ultimately, the experience of having qualified legal counsel at my disposal - someone who is licensed and experienced in this capacity in my own state - was worthwhile for me. The net result was a trust which was custom-made through direct interaction with that counsel, and which defined concepts that I've never even heard of being applied in any of the "canned" trust documents. An additional benefit provided by my lawyer was a fairly comprehensive document which describes various issues and procedures for using the trust in specific situations. This has proved to be a valuable reference for me."

"Bergstrom is absolutely the best thing going right now when it comes to establishing a competent trust that will stand the test of time. . . His fees are reasonable and his approach to how the trusts are crafted is absolutely light years beyond anything else I've seen out there. I spoke with him at-length last week about what he's doing, where [Arsenal Attorneys] is headed, and the unique advantages afforded by the unique trust documents that he has devised, and was sufficiently impressed as to commission a new trust of my own." -- C. Petrie

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