Add-On Services for Your Arsenal Gun Trust™



Your completed Arsenal Gun Trust™ consists of about 40 pages, and it will be delivered to you electronically and ready for you to print and sign. There will be multiple locations to date and sign the documents before a notary public. For greater convenience and added legal protection, we offer the following add-on services for your Arsenal Gun Trust™. If you do not have an Arsenal Gun Trust already, you may choose from these options when you complete our online questionnaire to request an Arsenal Gun Trust™ at this link.

If you already have an Arsenal Gun Trust™, you may request any of our add-on services using the below form.

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  2. • Your documents will be printed on heavy-duty 32 lb., acid-free, archival paper for durability.
  3. • We will flag the signature lines for you, your witness and a notary public.
  4. • Our custom 3-ring binder system will separate and label your various trust documents with tabs for easy access and organization.
  5. • Additional custom labelled tabs designed to organize your other documents related to your life as a gun owner, including receipts, warranties, carry permits, training certifications, hunting licenses, NFA tax stamps, and more.
  6. • Using your Social Security Number, we will obtain a Tax ID number for your privacy and so your successor would not have the burden of obtaining one upon your death or incapacitation.
  7. • LockSak bags to carry the copies of your trust and tax stamp you’re required to keep with your NFA firearms.
  8. • Priority delivery by US Mail in addition to electronic delivery of your documents.
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  11. • We will print and organize your various Arsenal Gun Trust™ documents on 32 lb. acid free paper in our custom 3-ring binder system.
  12. • We’ll flag all the many locations for your to sign and date.
  13. • Custom tabs will divide and label all your gun-related documents.
  14. • Fee includes shipping and handling using Priority US Mail.
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  16. • We will print your various Arsenal Gun Trust™ documents on 32 lb. acid free paper in a Folder.
  17. • Flag all the many locations for dates and signatures.
  18. • We’ll flag all the many locations for your to sign and date.
  19. • Fee includes shipping and handling using Priority US Mail.
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  21. • We’ll save your Arsenal Gun Trust™ documents to a CD-ROM.
  22. • Fee includes shipping and handling using Priority US Mail.
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  26. • Arsenal Gun Trust™ documents review and Q&A session with an attorney, including notary service and a witness.
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  57.     Terms and Conditions:

        By submitting this form, you agree to these terms and conditions, and any fees described in this questionnaire would apply to the services provided to you by Arsenal Attorneys™ for your Arsenal Gun Trust™. Specifically, Arsenal Attorneys™ will provide you a living revocable trust, and it will be drafted with a locally licensed attorney of our law firm. Your documents will be delivered to you by email. Requests to alter or supplement our documents or services are subject to additional fees. Our work is proprietary and protected by US Copyright Laws and is for your sole use and may not be distributed publicly or to persons unauthorized by our firm. We are not responsible for your ability to own firearms or for changes in the law or regulations concerning your trust or firearms. You are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, procedures, and firearms safety practices regarding your Arsenal Gun Trust™ and persons associated with it, including any permits, background checks or other requirements of your state concerning the handling or possession of firearms. Our services and materials are based on the law and conditions at the time we draft your Arsenal Gun Trust™.

        Our agreement will be legally binding only if and when you agree to services in our phone consultation and provide a form of payment, which shall then be considered authorized by you. No attorney-client relationship will exist until that time. Further, by submitting this questionnaire you understand we will first determine whether any conflicts of interest exist before entering an attorney-client relationship, and your submission of your questionnaire will not preclude our firm from representing a party directly adverse to you and from using this information, even if the information is confidential. Please see our additional Disclaimers and Guidelines at the About Us page.

    The Arsenal Attorneys (and respective licenses) are: Matthew J. Bergstrom (VA and DC), Gordon Fowler (GA), A. Marie Freeman (FL and OH), Paul Barada, Jr (IN), Raymond Carignan (MD and WV), Andrew J. Hubbs (MI), Constance J. Miller (AZ, KS, MO, TX, VA, and DC), Shawn Sweeney (NH), Charles, Lakins (NM), Adrienne Cash (OK), Lori Fulmer (PA), Margaret E. Bowles (CO, FL, NC, and CT), Anna Malmberg (OR, MT, WY), Curtis R. Hussey (AL, MS, and UT), Shannon Taylor (LA and SC), Mari Luna (WA), and Josh Vincent (TN).