Permits to Carry Firearms

We Help Clients Obtain Permits to Carry Concealed Firearms in the District of Columbia and Virginia


Concealed weapons permit photo v1Arsenal Attorneys help clients obtain permits to carry concealed firearms in Virginia and the District of Columbia, including residents and nonresidents. 

We frequently help clients determine their eligibility for carry permits and gun owners. We also help prepare and submit applications. When government authorities are slow to respond, we ensure our clients receive the response they deserve. Finally, if clients' applications are rejected, Arsenal Attorneys represent them in appeals. 

Our law firm provides training in firearms law to clients in private consultations as well as to the public in law seminars. Topics include self-defense law and the regulations concerning the possession of firearms in various circumstances in everyday life. 

Arsenal Attorneys are particularly active in developments for carry permits in the District of Columbia. Our law firm includes attorneys licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, and we have an office in downtown Washington, DC. Residents and non-residents alike will be entitled to submit applications; however the requirements will be rigorous. The legal obstacles begin on the application itself. We help clients present their best argument in their request for a permit. We also provide the training required for DC carry permits. Already we are advising DC carry permit applicants to be prepared to make appeal a possible rejection of their application.

We expect the situation for DC carry permits to continue evolving, and major changes will likely happen. Recently our attorneys provide public testimony on this new legislation before the Council of the District of Columbia, and we will continue monitoring these events closely so we can advise clients on the best time and manner for proceeding with applications.