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Friday, 20 May 2016 00:00

Annual National Firearms Law Seminar

2016 annual firearms law seminarToday members of Arsenal Attorneys™ are attending the 19th Annual National Firearms Law Seminar™ during the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville. The seminar is the nation’s premier event for Second Amendment law.

This year’s seminar topics include:

• Second Amendment Litigation Update

• A Second Amendment Roadmap through the Federal Circuits

• Gun Control through Executive Action

• ATF Compliance Inspections under the Gun Control Act and Recent ATF Rulings and Guidance

• Arming Our Military Personnel on U.S. Soil: What are the Regulations in Place and How Can They Be Changed? (Lunch Speaker, Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC, Ret’d)

• Gun Trusts After 41F and Firearms in Trusts and Estates

• First Party and Third Party Liability Claims Against Firearms Instructors: Avoidance and Protection

• Lawyers, Guns and Money: Ingredients for Ethical Challenges

• Gun Rights Restoration by the Numbers: Fixing the Most Prevalent Disabilities

• Preemption: The Next Frontier in Firearms Regulation & Litigation

This event is an opportunity for Arsenal Attorneys™ to maintain its knowledge in firearms law and Second Amendment jurisprudence. The program is also an occasion to gather with professional colleagues and clients from across the United States. The presentations provide a wide ranging review of recent developments in the law, and informal interactions throughout the program often discuss new strategies for defending clients and protecting our Constitutional rights.

Each year’s seminar includes a special lunch program. This year’s lunch speaker is Lt. Col. Oliver North. He will address the arming of military personnel on U.S. soil. Colonel North is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and a member of the NRA board of directors.

The seminar event occurs on the Friday of each year’s NRA Annual Meeting. Next year’s location will be Atlanta. The seminar is organized by staff of NRA’s Office of the General Counsel, and it is supported by the NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Annual National Firearms Law Seminar™ is just one of many educational programs supported by the NRA Foundation. According to the NRA:

For more than two decades, The NRA Foundation has served the needs of freedom-loving Americans across this great nation. We continue to teach freedom through programs that instill knowledge about our nation’s great history. We build partnerships with leaders in our communities and provide grants that are instrumental in funding programs that support our shared vision. Since our establishment in 1990, we’ve exceeded more than $267 million in funding through more than 35,000 grants in support of the shooting sports. These grants provide essential funding that benefits programs such as youth education, law enforcement training, hunter education, conservation, firearms and marksmanship training and safety, and much more.

Arsenal Attorneys™ are avid supporters of the NRA Foundation. This year our law firm has volunteered to form the organizing committee of the National Capital Friends of NRA. We will hold our first annual banquet on Friday, June 17 at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. The event will feature dinner, games, drawings, and auctions. Prizes will include firearms, gear, training, travel, and more. We are also selling 200 raffle tickets to win a Barrett .50 caliber rifle system (you do not need to be present to win the Barrett raffle). Proceeds from the event will support the NRA Foundation. At least half of the money we raise will be used for educational grants in our home state of Virginia.

You may purchase individual tickets, tables, and raffle tickets using this link.

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