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Saturday, 21 May 2016 00:00

Arsenal Attorneys at NRA Annual Meeting

nra annual meeting 2016Meet up with Arsenal Attorneys today at the Expo of the NRA Annual meeting in Louisville. We’ll be visiting our friends from Silencer Shop (Booth #5835). We’d enjoy seeing any of our clients from across America who have come to this year’s NRAAM. Bring any questions you have about our Arsenal Gun Trust™ services and changing ATF regulations.

Yesterday our lawyers attended the Annual National Firearms Law Seminar™ organized by NRA’s Office of the General Counsel and sponsored by the NRA Foundation. We’ll have the latest news to share about gun laws. Our experience at the seminar confirmed the Arsenal Gun Trust™ is ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting and helping clients deal with changing gun laws.

There’s been much excitement about the new regulations known as ‘41F.’ They will take effect July 13. In all the excitement, we’ve noticed people are unaware of what 41F will not do. 41F will not affect NFA firearms registered in applications postmarked before July 13. Also, if you add or remove people in a trust, 41F will not matter. If your trust is designed to continue beyond your lifetime, 41F will not prevent your successors and beneficiaries from keeping your trust and NFA firearms (along with the tax stamps).

What will 41F do? 41F only affects new applications to register NFA firearms starting July 13. For all so-called ‘responsible persons’, a new form will need to be submitted for NFA registrations. That ‘Form 23’ will require photographs and fingerprints. Your gun dealer will be allowed to complete your fingerprints and photographs at the point of sale, so there’ll be minimal burden. For the other people in your trust, they might need to complete Form 23 depending on the design of your trust. In the Arsenal Gun Trust, many people in the trust are not responsible persons. Also, we provide clients a new customized method for temporarily removing people. Consequently, all the other people in your trust could avoid the effects of 41F.

Regardless if you have a trust or not, this is an important time to obtain the new Arsenal Gun Trust™. We can create a new trust for you or update your existing trust—even if you obtained your trust elsewhere.

If you come see us at the Silencer Shop™ booth at the NRA Expo, you’ll have a chance to see why we call this period the ‘Golden Age’ of silencers (or suppressors, if you prefer). Technology has never been better. The product range has never been wider. And the law has never been better. Thanks to the Arsenal Gun Trust™, your ownership of NFA firearms, including short barrel rifles (SBR), short barrel shotguns, machine guns/full auto, can continue to be easy, safe, and private.

If you can’t make it to the NRA Annual Meeting, contact us any time by phone or email. We serve clients from across America. We are perhaps the only law firm direct attorney-client relationships in the area of NFA firearms and NFA gun trusts. We use no middle man. We look forward to hearing from you.

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