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Friday, 14 March 2014 15:37

ATF eFile Update: 91 Days for Two Recent Tax Stamps

Today we received further proof of the continuing success of ATF eFile, the new, faster online processing system for tax stamps (approvals for the transfer or manufacture for firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act, e.g. silencers, short barrel rifles and machine guns). Two stamps issued today came 91 days from the date of submission--if you subtract the government shutdown, federal holidays, and the extraordinary number of snow days this winter.

While some people struggle to upload their NFA forms in the first place, once they are submitted, the system is working. It represents a giant improvement in the process for NFA firearms; however there is a catch. You may only use ATF eFile is you're using a legal entity like the Arsenal Gun Trust.

Besides the access to ATF eFile, the Arsenal Gun Trust enables you to skip red tape (fingerprints, mugshot, police sign off), permit possession by others, and create an estate plan for your entire gun collection (in most states). 

Arsenal Attorneys offers the Arsenal Gun Trust in 36 states. Contact us today to learn more.

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