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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 20:00

ATF Slashes Backlog for NFA Paperwork; Promises Faster Processing

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) announced it has slashed the backlog of applications for NFA firearms by 30%. Firearms regulated by the NFA, or National Firearms Act, include silencers, vintage machine guns, and short barrel rifles and shotguns. In recent years the increased interest in these firearms resulted in a backlog for ATF as they processed the registration and tax payment for each firearm. Consequently ATF often took 12 or so months to issue a tax stamp for each NFA firearm. Now an increase in personnel, along with a budget for over time and a 7 day work week, has reduced the backlog from 81,000 to 56,000 pending applications. This means ATF is processing more applications than they are receiving--something they have not accomplished since 2009. 

Already Arsenal Attorneys' clients have experienced faster processing of their tax stamps. Instead of waiting 12 months, 8-9 months is becoming more common, and many expect 6 months to become the new normal in the near future.  Our sources claim ATF's goal is to issue tax stamps within 4 months.

These these estimates, however, concern paper applications. ATF eFile is an even faster option exists is available to those using a solution like our Arsenal Gun Trust. This online system recently issued tax stamps in 90 days, but it was recently shut down for repairs. Since the partial relaunch in June, some tax stamps are being issued in 30 days or less. To reiterate, the faster eFile system is available only to those using a legal entity like the Arsenal Gun Trust. Currently eFile accepts applications to build an NFA firearm. ATF estimates they eFile will accept applications for transfers in the coming months.

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