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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 00:00

Conservative Review Features Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon

conservative reviewArsenal Attorneys' George Lyon was featured in a recent article of Matt Kibbe's column 'Essential Liberty' in the Conservative Review. The article, entitled "The Responsibility of Gun Ownership," is part of a series inspired by what Kibbe proclaims as his endorsement of "the entire Bill of Rights." In embracing the Bill of Rights completely, Kibbe began the new year by resolving to buy a gun, but he did not proceed to a gun shop. Instead he contacted our George Lyon for firearms safety and shooting instruction. Kibbe was joined by his wife Terry Kibbe, who chose Lyon as an instructor because of his work in Second Amendment issues.  

The article quotes Lyon's biography from the Arsenal Attorneys' website:

In 2003 he joined with five other plaintiffs in the landmark case that resulted in the United States Supreme Court confirming that the Constitution guarantees an individual right to own a functional firearm. That decision, District of Columbia v. Heller, overturned DC’s prohibition on owning a handgun and now stands as a bulwark against infringements on second amendment rights. In 2009, he joined with three other plaintiffs and the Second Amendment Foundation to challenge the District of Columbia’s absolute ban on carrying a firearm for personal protection outside the home. That case, Palmer v. District of Columbia, resulted in the first issuance of DC concealed carry licenses in some 40 years.

"I found the guy," Terry Kibbe said after reading Lyon's biography.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.44.53 PMThe Kibbes' training began with a thoughtful discussion in the comfort of Lyon's home in Washington, DC, during which they discussed gun ownership, firearms safety, and the Second Amendment. Lyon said:

You will likely not see a special report on the news explaining that gun ownership can make us all safer from potential assault or murder, even though defensive gun uses occur scores if not hundreds of times a day. But if one careless gun owner breaks the rules of proper gun safety, and someone innocent gets hurt, expect to always hear about it, another hit in the constant drumbeat against gun ownership by responsible individuals.

This article is expected to be just one in a series by Matt Kibbe for Conservative Review about his resolution to buy a gun in 2016. We expect him to share his experiences at the range, at a gun shop, and in the gun registration bureaucracy of the District of Columbia. You can follow Matt Kibbe on Twitter @mkibbe, we recommend his column, Essential Liberty, with Matt Kibbe, at Conservative Review. 


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