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Monday, 20 June 2016 00:00

George Lyon Talks Gun Law and Politics on WMAL

GeorgeLyonBWArsenal Attorneys' George Lyon appeared on WMAL this afternoon to discuss recent court decisions and gun control politics with host Larry O'Connor.  The segment can be heard at this link at approximately the 7:40 mark.  

O'Connor asked Mr. Lyon about the Supreme Court’s denial of cert re the New York and Connecticut assault weapons ban appeals from the Second Circuit.  Mr. Lyon said it was not unexpected given that the Supreme Court had declined to hear a similar ban case from Illinois earlier this year.  O'Connor asked if the refusal to hear the case had any particular significance, for example, did it reveal whether the court was influenced by the recent mass shooting in Orlando.  Mr. Lyon explained the Court is asked to hear thousands of cases a year and only agrees to hear around a 100 or so.  Thus said he does not think the decision was influenced by this recent event. Mr. Lyon said we would not likely get a Supreme Court ruling on a so-called assault weapons ban unless there is a circuit split.

O'Connor asked whether Arsenal Attorneys is advising our clients differently in light of recent events.  Mr. Lyon said, given the prospect of a Hillary Clinton controlling Supreme Court appointments, he would be advising people to buy any firearm they think they might want to own.  "Hillary’s copy of the Constitution doesn’t have a Second Amendment in it."


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