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Monday, 25 November 2013 16:05

Glitch with ATF eFile Website: The 3MB Limit for Uploaded Documents

It has come to our attention the ATF eForm system is limiting the size of uploaded documents to 3 megabytes. Arsenal Attorneys™ ensures its Arsenal Gun Trust™ documents do not exceed this limit; however there are various measure you and your gun dealer may take to avoid this 3 MB limit.

The file size of trust documents can increase due to the resolution settings of the scanner used. When scanning your documents and saving them as PDF files, you should ensure that your scanner’s resolution options are set as low as possible while still retaining legibility.

For Windows users, confirm that your PDF file is under 3 megabytes by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Properties.” For Mac users, browse to the location where the file is saved and click on the List View button at the top of the open window. This will display details, including file size, about each of the files.

If the file size is over 3 MB, re-scan the documents at a lower resolution and check the file size again. 

Alternatively, for Adobe Acrobat Pro users, select "File" from the menu bar, then "Properties" to view file size. To reduce the file size using Adobe Acrobat Pro, select "Document" from the menu bar and then "Reduce file size".

If all else fails, you could divide your documents into separate, smaller files so each is smaller than 3 MB. To avoid confusion, however, a single document would be better.

Separately, it has also come to our attention that many users have experienced difficulty in setting up their eForm accounts. One common reason for failure is creating an insufficient password; we have learned that your password should contain at least 5 alphabetic characters.

Today the ATF eFile system was down for maintenance, so some of these problems may have been solved. 

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