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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:53

Multiple Calibers and Barrel Lengths for Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs)

Are you building an SBR you intend to use with multiple calibers or barrel lengths or have you bought a manufactured lower and want to be able to change the caliber or barrel?  Here’s what you need to know.

ATF only allows one caliber and/or barrel length in the description on their forms and this does not include the use of “multi” for those specifications. 

Form 1.  If you are building an SBR, you simply put the caliber and barrel length for the first configuration you intend to build.  You can include an additional letter to ATF with your Form 1 detailing the other configurations you intend to use for your new SBR (be sure to include all the information needed for your Form 1: caliber, barrel length, and overall length for each configuration).

Form 4. You should list the caliber that is stamped on the lower for your Form 4.  You can include a letter to ATF with your Form 4 detailing the other configurations you intend to use for an SBR (be sure to include caliber, barrel length, and overall length for each configuration). 

If you change a configuration to one with a longer barrel removing it from the SBR classification, ATF has stated such temporary changes are permissible and can allow you to travel with your firearm out-of-state (without a Form 5320.20) as long as the shorter barrel stays in your home state.  NOTE: If you still own and possess the shorter barrel (whether configured on the lower or not) the firearm is still considered an NFA firearm and cannot be removed from the NFA registry unless you no longer have the short barrel.  SECOND NOTE:  ATF has been known to change their opinions on policy issues periodically.  Due to the discrepancy of a registered SBR with a longer barrel not needing a Form 5320.20 but still being considered an SBR may be a policy that changes.  To be safe, we encourage always obtaining a Form 5320.20 prior to traveling interstate with any registered SBRs.

Before obtaining or building an SBR, an applicant must receive a tax stamp from ATF. By using our Arsenal Gun Trust™ you can simplify the ATF process by avoiding fingerprints, mug shots, and local police signatures. The Trust also enables others to possess your NFA firearms legally. Finally, your Arsenal Gun Trust™ can serve as an estate plan for your entire gun collection to help your loved ones obey the law and protect the privacy of your firearms. 

Additionally, as we stated in our June 24, 2014 blog, ATF has re-launched Form 1s on the e-file system and Form 4s are to be re-launched in the “short term”.  You can only take advantage of ATF’s e-file system if you have a legal entity such as a Trust.  Contact us to learn how we can help you. 

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