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Arsenal Attorneys Seeking EOTech Customers

eotechOne of our affiliate attorneys, Bonner C. Walsh, is working on a case concerning EOTech Holographic Sights and thermal drift.  It seems the sights were not as advertised, and EOTech knew this at least as early as 2006.  The sights: can move up to 20 minutes of an angle at extreme temperature changes, are not parallax free nor fog proof, and even as little as a 20 degree temperature shift can cause a need to rezero.  

Mr. Walsh is interested in talking with EOTech owners especially in California and Missouri.  For more information, please contact Arsenal Attorneys:

Arsenal Attorneys handles a variety of legal matters in most states across America.  Contact us for help with firearms law, business matters, litigation, criminal defense, estate planning and more.  We are particularly known for our Arsenal Gun Trust solution for NFA firearms, and we also serve many FFLs and firearms instructors nationwide.

Friday, 01 January 2016 00:00

Meet Us at the Nation's Gun Show Jan 1-3

Meet Arsenal Attorneys at the Nation's Gun Show this weekend at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA.  Hours are Friday January 1, 3-8 pm, Saturday January 2, 9am-5pm, and Sunday January 3, 10am-5pm.  The show recently expanded, and it is among the largest shows east of the Mississippi River.  Visitors to the Dulles Expo should consider a visit to the National Firearms Museum at the nearby headquarters of the National Rifle Association.

You could be one of the more than 6 million Americans who just lost their right to carry a concealed pistol as they travel I-95 through Virginia or visit many of the important locations near Washington, DC, such as the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetary, or any other location in Virginia.  Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring recently ended recognition of concealed pistol permits from 25 states.  Unlike the recognition given to driver's licenses, permits to carry a concealed firearm rely on reciprocity among the states.  Over time, the number of states issuing concealed carry permits has increased.  The increase in concealed firearms permits has been accompanied by an overall decrease in gun-related violence.  In fact, concealed firearms permit holders are more likely to be law-abiding citizens than the average law enforcement officer (We recommend the research of John Lott to learn more).  

Nevertheless, Virginia AG Mark Herring ended recognition of permits from 25 states. 

These and other issues will be a priority during the upcoming 'Lobby Day' organized by the Virginia Citizens' Defense Lobby at the Capitol in Richmond on January 18, 2016.  For more details, visit this link

The following states lost recognition from Virginia for their concealed carry permit holders:




Delaware #

Florida *





Louisiana *

Minnesota #




New Mexico

North Dakota *

North Carolina


Pennsylvania *

South Carolina *

South Dakota


Washington #

Wisconsin #

Wyoming *


* indicates states that will no longer honor Virginia concealed carry permits because of laws in those states that require mutual recognition of permits


# indicates states that do not currently recognize a Virginia concealed carry permit

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Will You Ever Move?

Arsenal symbol 4-color printOur clients often move due to job transfers, retirement, military or government assignments, or sometimes just to move to a gun-friendly, liberty-loving jurisdiction.  

What do you do with your gun collection and your gun trust?

Odds are we can help you.  We believe we are the only law firm to provide legal services for gun trusts and NFA firearms directly to clients with no middle man in almost every state.  So if you move, we can probably continue helping or your successors who might live in various states.

It would be easier for us to use what the legal profession calls 'co-counsel.'  In truth, these are outsider gun-for-hire attorneys who get involved when your attorney isn't properly licensed or competent.  In those situations, clients often do not know which attorney is accountable and truly represents them.  

We serve all of our clients through in house attorneys, so no middle man is ever involved.  That way you, and your successors, can have a direct relationship with Arsenal Attorneys--and you know who is accountable to you.  

We're proud to offer this level of support. 

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Who Should Control Your Gun Trust?

We believe you should control your gun collection.

We believe you should control your gun trust.

To this day, we're not aware of any solution other than the Arsenal Gun Trust that protects your control.

This state of affairs is proof that gun trusts all too often resemble general purpose estate planning trusts, which are ill-suited to protect gun owners.  Typical trusts usually have the limited objective of inheritance.  Such trusts usually involve parents passing assets upon death to their children.  Until that distribution of property occurs, the trust property might also help provide support to the parents until their death, particularly if they are incapacitated.  

Gun trusts are different.  One of the primary benefits of a gun trust is enabling other people to have lawful possession of the NFA firearms registered to the trust during the life of the person who created the trust.  Thus, the person creating and managing the trust might wish to involve their friends and relatives who are involved with their firearms-related activities, such as hunting.  These are not necessarily the same people who will inherit the trust property.  The cookie-cutter, general purpose trusts simply call these people co- or joint-trustees, and in so doing they give these other people equal power to the original trustee.  Why should you give your hunting buddy equal power over a gun collection you hope your kids will inherit in the future?  You shouldn't, and that's one of the many reasons why we made the Arsenal Gun Trust different. We make sure our client does not lose control of their trust when they simply want to make sure their hunting buddy doesn't commit a felony by borrowing his suppressor.

This issue of control is just one of many ways that makes the Arsenal Gun Trust different.  Contact us to create your Arsenal Gun Trust today. 

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5 Reasons to Consider a Suppressor

1911 micro ospreyThe National Rifle Association's American Rifleman Magazine published a comprehensive article entitled "5 Reasons to Consider a Suppressor."  It presents the history, technology, benefits, the law, and law enforcement data related to these increasingly popular firearms (yes, under the National Firearms Act, silencers are deemed firearms).  We recommend this article to anyone who wants to understand the reasons why we are currently experiencing what Arsenal Attorneys calls the 'Golden Age of Silencers.'  

Ironically, the ability to own silencers has greatly improved during the Obama Administration due to legislative reforms at the state level as well as administrative improvements by BATFE to handle the increased number of requests for the NFA tax stamps American Riflemanrequired to register a silencer or any other NFA firearm.  These favorable conditions could change, however, as the debate over gun control has intensified, particularly because of election year politics and the political campaigning for the presidency.  In fact, the Obama Administration's so-called '41P' proposal intends to create more red tape for the registration of NFA firearms, but the likelihood that proposal comes into effect is uncertain.  When in doubt, we advise our clients to be proactive and secure their firearms collections before the law changes.

Contact Arsenal Attorneys if you are interested in owning a silencer or other firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act, including short barrel rifles and shotguns as well as full auto.  Our Arsenal Gun Trust solution helps simplify the BATFE registration process, allows possession by others, and creates an estate plan for inheriting firearms privately.  Our law firms serves clients across America, and we offer a convenient process and personal consultations with one of our attorneys.

You can begin the Arsenal Gun Trust process using our online questionnaire.  It is designed as a worksheet to help you decide how you'd like us to design your Arsenal Gun Trust.  Depending on your wishes, we can schedule a personal consultation to guide you through the process and to provide you an educational presentation on the use of an Arsenal Gun Trust to protect your assets and loved ones. On this website you'll also find our Tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions.  We deliver a high level of personalized service, and we are perhaps the only law firm ready to serve you and your loved ones now in almost ever state.

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