Arsenal Attorneys Offer Estate Planning in Virginia and DC

Arsenal Attorneys Offer Estate Planning in Virginia and DC

29 January 2018

Arsenal Attorneys is renowned for our nationwide firearms law practice, but our firm also provides the full range of estate planning services to local clients in nearby areas of Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Contact us to discuss your goals for estate planning. Remember, estate planning is not just about inheritance. A complete estate plan should first protect you during your own life time.  For example, a Durable Power of Attorney, an Advance Medical Directive, as well as a revocable trust can protect you by naming fiduciaries to act on your behalf and for your support and care in case you're incapacitated.  A good estate plan can also help your loved ones inherit more easily and with greater protections. For example, your estate plan could appoint a guardian for your children and appoint a trustee of a trust to be created for a minor if/when a young person inherits from you. 

Of course our Arsenal Gun Trust serves as an estate plan specifically for gun collections. In addition to helping you register and share possession of firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act ("NFA", e.g. silencers, short barrel rifes/shotguns, machine guns), the Arsenal Gun Trust guides your loved ones in the safe and lawful inheritance of your gun collection.

Contact Arsenal Attorneys to discuss your estate planning goals.

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Arsenal Attorneys

Arsenal Attorneys is a law firm serving clients in approximately 40 states. We provide criminal defense, business services, estate planning and many other services. Our law firm is renowned for serving gun owners and the firearms industry, and particularly because of our Arsenal Gun Trustâ„¢. Our main office is located near the headquarters of the National Rifle Association and of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in the Washington, DC area. We deliver legal services conveniently for clients near and far, including military personnel overseas. We help clients exercise their rights, protect their loved ones, reduce risks, protect privacy, comply with the law, and succeed in business.





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