Seminar on Self-Defense Law and DC Carry Permits by Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon at NRA HQ, March 10, 2pm

Seminar on Self-Defense Law and DC Carry Permits by Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon at NRA HQ, March 10, 2pm

23 January 2018

GeorgeLyonBW1Arsenal Attorneys' George Lyon will present a seminar on "Self-Defense Law and DC Carry Permits" at the NRA Headquarters Range in Fairfax, Virginia, on Saturday, March 10 at 2pm. The program will inform all gun owners of the legal issues related to the lethal use of force. The program will also satisfy the training in the firearms laws of the District of Columbia required for DC carry permits.

Nonresidents are eligible for DC carry permits. Following the approximately three hour program, Mr. Lyon will be available to answer questions about DC carry permit applications. 

George Lyon is a lawyer with Arsenal Attorneys handling litigation, criminal defense, firearms regulations, Second Amendment, and other areas of law. Mr. Lyon has decades of experience in complex lawsuits for corporate clients.

Mr. Lyon has played an instrumental role in numerous historic cases. He was one of the original plaintiffs in the case that became the Supreme Court's landmark Heller decision. Recently, Mr. Lyon was a plaintiff in the Palmer case which first compelled DC to issue carry permits. Mr. Lyon represented clients in multiple successful lawsuits in DC and Maryland which overturned bans of stun guns for self-defense. 

The fee for the seminar is $95. To enroll, pay the $95 fee at this link--PLEASE include a note that your payment is for the March 10 seminar. You may also contact Arsenal Attorneys at 703-291-8838 to enroll. 

Please note, this program does not include the handling or operation of firearms. Participants must comply with all safety guidelines and rules of the NRA Headquarters Range.

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