29 December 2012

See our display at the Tanner Gun Show in Denver, Colorado this weekend.

Arsenal Attorneys offers its Arsenal Gun Trust to clients in many states where a member of our firm is locally licensed to practice law. These states include: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and more.

We helps clients own and handle NFA / Class 3 firearms (silencers/suppressors, short barrel rifles and shotguns, and full auto) lawfully and safely. Our Arsenal Gun Trust also serves as an estate plan enabling inheritance outside the court system.

29 December 2012

As the biggest gun show near Washington, DC, the Nation’s Gun Show is the front line of the intensifying debate over gun control. Arsenal Attorneys met NRA’s Chris Cox at the show. As the Director of the Institue for Legislative Action (ILA), Mr. Cox is NRA’s chief lobbyist. Additionally ILA promotes education for lawyers who practice in the area of firearms law. ILA’s most recent National Firearms Law Seminar featured a speaker from BATFE instructing the lawyers in the audience in the creation of gun trust under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

At the Nation’s Gun Show, many attendees were concerned about ensuring the privacy of their gun ownership and the lawful inheritance of their firearms. Additionally, interest continues to grow in NFA firearms, such as silencers (aka suppressors), short barrel rifles, and full auto.

Arsenal Attorneys help clients address these concerns, particularly with their Arsenal Gun Trust.


29 October 2012

The states we serve include areas hit by the recent Superstorm Sandy, and it illustrated how the Arsenal Gun Trust can assist your emergency contingency planning.

Consider what would happen if you owned NFA firearms, and you suffered the power outages, the flooding, or the house fires like the hundreds of thousands of people in Sandy’s path. If your home became uninhabitable or was no longer secure, you would likely relocate along with your valuables and firearms. How would you handle your NFA firearms in such a situation (suppressors, short barrel rifles, full auto, etc.)?

NFA owners are under a duty to maintain ‘dominion and control’ over their NFA firearms. A problem could occur if others have access to your NFA firearms outside your direct supervision. So in our Superstorm Sandy scenario, what would happen if you wished to store your NFA firearms at someone else’s home as part of your emergency evacuation? You could create a legal problem if in such a situation other people have just the possibility of access to your NFA firearms outside your immediate presence.

Your Arsenal Gun Trust could provide contingency planning for such circumstances. If they meet the eligibility requirements, as spelled out in your Arsenal Gun Trust, the people providing shelter to you and your guns could be given full legal authority to have your NFA firearms under their roof. In this manner you would greatly reduce the possibility of a legal problem for you and your hosts while you have temporarily evacuated.

In this respect, the Arsenal Gun Trust can play a part in your emergency contingency planning. Like insurance or a home security system, you hope you will never need it–but you better have it in place before you ever do need it.

This aspect of the Arsenal Gun Trust reveals how it can could include other people who have your confidence, despite the fact they might not be the same people who ordinarily join you at the range for some shooting. During our personal consultations we discuss scenarios like these, and clients are often pleased to consider unexpected ways to leverage their trust, mitigate risks, and protect others who they otherwise may have overlooked.

25 October 2012

Arsenal Attorneys is expanding to serve 14 states:







New Mexico

North Carolina







We only serve states where one of our own in-house attorneys is locally licensed to practice law. To ensure quality and accountability, clients will enjoy a direct relationship with our firm without a middle man. Each client will receive a full personal consultation, and they will receive an Arsenal Gun Trust tailored for their own situation and situation and state law.


* Coming Soon.

15 October 2012

Prospective clients often ask if an existing trust could also serve as their gun trust. Typically this is a very short discussion once we explain trust documents must be attached to any BATFE Form 1 of Form 4 submitted in the name of a trust. An existing trust often contains personal information unrelated to BATFE-regulated firearms.

Would you want such personal information, unrelated to your gun collection, disclosed to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?

For those preferring privacy, a separate gun trust will avoid such unnecessary disclosures to the federal government.

Additionally, those involved with an existing trust might not be the same people you want involved with your firearms. A separate gun trust ensures those you hand pick to inherit and/or handle your firearms are well-suited.

29 September 2012

Wayne-LaPierre-with-Arsenal-AttorneysCEO of the National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre (L) with lawyer Matthew J. Bergstrom, Managing Attorney of Arsenal Attorneys at the Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly, Virginia.

Arsenal Attorneys is a law firm consisting of lawyers licensed to serve clients in over a dozen states. They have become renowned for their Arsenal Gun Trust, a solution designed to help clients own NFA firearms safely and lawfully with a special emphasis on protecting gun owners’ privacy and their loved ones.

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