08 September 2012

Arsenal Attorneys, including our law firm’s own in-house Texas attorney, will be exhibiting at the Dallas Gun Show September 22-23, 2012. Please stop by our display to learn more about the Arsenal Gun Trust, our own original solution helping you own NFA firearms safely and lawfully while also creating an estate plan for your entire gun collection.

We serve Texas clients directly, without a middle man. Our Texas attorney ensures you receive a solution designed for Texas law and your individual needs.

21 August 2012

Congratulations to KJ, the winner of the Summer Silence giveaway. KJ won an Arsenal Gun Trust prepared for him by Arsenal Attorneys, and he won from Sterling Arsenal a Colt .22 Rail Gun pistol and Sterling Arsenal’s very own Sicarius XXII suppressor. The second Summer Silence is underway, and a third will follow. Learn more at


14 August 2012

We wanted to share ongoing research by silencer manufacturer Gemtech concerning your right to hunt with a silencer, or if you prefer, a firearm sound suppressor.

Many of Arsenal Attorneys’ clients request our Arsenal Gun Trust so they may own NFA-regulated silencers to use while hunting. The most common reason given is their concern for neighbors who are unaccustomed to a rifle shot during deer season.

According to the Gemtech study, the states permitting hunting with a silencer include: Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia. It is not permitted to use a silencer while hunting in Georgia and North Carolina among others.

Arsenal Attorneys helps its clients lawfully and safely own NFA-regulated firearms, such as silencers, short barrel rifles, and vintage machine guns. Our law firm includes attorneys licensed to serve clients in a variety of states.

09 August 2012

The Virginia Gun Owners Forum invites you to enter a free drawing for a free Colt Licensed Walther 1911 .22 LR (imported by Umarex), a Sicarius XXII Suppressor by Sterling Arsenal, and an Arsenal Gun Trust by Arsenal Attorneys.


08 August 2012

This weekend will be the 10th annual ATF Party, to promote the rights to enjoy alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. The event is organized by the Independence Institute, a Denver-based think tank dedicated to personal and economic freedom.

The ATF Party will give attendees of all skill levels the opportunity to hone their shooting abilities and celebrate their civil liberties.


25 July 2012

There is much concern and confusion regarding the perceived loss of rights or privacy by private, civilian owners of NFA firearms. While an FFL/SOT is subject to inspections by BATFE, private citizens are not subject to the same scrutiny.

The confusion on this issue seems to stem from the false assumption NFA firearm ownership requires a Class 3 license. It does not. A private citizen may obtain permission to own silencers, short barrel rifles/shotguns, machine guns, etc without a Class 3 license–whether that private citizen uses a gun trust or not.

An article by the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Gun Owners explains the distinction between how an FFL/SOT is subject to BATFE searches while private citizens are not. I’ve provided an excerpt below:

As to one who is neither a FFL nor SOT, but only owns weapons regulated under the National Firearms Act, ATF may only compel you to show an agent upon request the registration paperwork, that is the Form 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or whatever else might have been used to register the weapon. See 26 U.S.C. sec. 5841(e). They do not have any right to compel you to produce the weapon. As always the Fourth amendment applies, and ATF may not enter your home or other place of storage of the NFA weapon, nor seize the weapon, without a warrant, or without falling under an exception the Supreme Court has created to the operation of the Fourth amendment, or without your consent.

Arsenal Attorneys offers the Arsenal Gun Trust to help you own NFA firearms lawfully and safely. Our solution is based on your personal situation and state law. We helps clients maintain control over their firearms, reduce the legal risk and stress of handling NFA firearms, and create a firearms estate plan for your entire gun collection–all of which are benefits of the Arsenal Gun Trust.

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