12 July 2012

Many people use an Arsenal Gun Trust to own NFA firearms because it simplifies BATFE paperwork, protects gun owners’ privacy, and provides an estate plan; however the Arsenal Gun Trust can also provide a lawful means for others you trust to handle your silencers, short barrel rifles and shotguns, or machine guns–whether in an emergency or for your convenience.

A recent storm illustrated the importance of this benefit. Severe winds, storm, and lightning toppled trees and knocked out power. Imagine your home suffered damage because a tree fell on it. Your home would no longer be secure. You would need to give contractors access to your home to make repairs, and perhaps you would vacate the premises to stay at the home of a friend or relative until electricity is restored.

Under these circumstances you would probably want the option to bring your valuables with you or to ask someone to store them securely for you. In the case of NFA firearms, this could cause legal problems, because they can never be outside your dominion or control. The Arsenal Gun Trust offers a solution to you because it could include the names of those people you wish to store your NFA firearms. According to the special design of the Arsenal Gun Trust, they would have the authority to store your firearms, but you would retain ultimate control of Trust and the property it contains.

This situation illustrates how the Arsenal Gun Trust plays a crucial role in your emergency contingency planning. Like a home alarm or insurance, you hope you never need an emergency plan. When you do need help in an emergency, you should make sure your solution doesn’t cause legal problems for you or for those trying to help you. Like all contingency planning, it needs to be done in advance. Contact us today, and we will offer you a full, private consultation to create an Arsenal Gun Trust for you.

09 July 2012

Last week a US Marine was convicted of illegal possession of a machine gun (see story here). Part of what made the story colorful was the fact the gun allegedly belonged to Saddam Hussein or one of his personal body guards. Also, as a combat veteran, the Marine received some sympathy. After all, there is a long tradition of bringing home a war souvenir–particularly enemy firearms.

Arsenal Attorneys are often asked about such firearms families have inherited as treasured and presumably valuable heirlooms, particularly machine guns brought home after World War Two. Unfortunately, machine guns that were improperly imported and never registered according to the National Firearms Act are illegal. Because such situations were so common, the US government granted an amnesty to allow registration of these illegal firearms to make them legal. That amnesty ended long ago.

Regardless of how one thinks about the National Firearms Act or the recently convicted Marine, there is a lesson for us to consider. What if the Marine’s possession of the machine gun had gone undetected. Regardless if he kept it or sold it, the machine gun could one day be inherited by a person completely unaware of the fact it is a crime to possess such a firearm.

Do you own a firearm which could create problems for you or those who could inherit it? If you own lawfully registered NFA firearms, such as machine guns, silencers, and short barrel rifles and shotguns, do your loved ones understand how to handle them safely and lawfully?

Our services related to our Arsenal Gun Trust helps address these issues. We are particularly concerned with providing your loved ones the guidance they need to comply with the law. We help you create an estate plan even for the worst case scenario–your gun collection is inherited by someone who knows nothing about guns or gun laws. We want to provide them the written instructions they will need to stay out of trouble.

08 July 2012

Arsenal Attorneys offers its Arsenal Gun Trust services to clients in North Carolina. You can meet us in August at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Charlotte. We offer a version of the Arsenal Gun Trust specifically designed for North Carolina. It is a solution to help you own NFA / Class 3 firearms safely and lawfully plus it’s an estate plan you can use for your entire gun collection.

We only serve gun owners. As always, our services are guided by our desire to protect your security, safety, privacy, and liberty.

05 July 2012

The Loudoun County Friends of the NRA continue their amazing series of raffle drawings offering chances to win valuable prizes at $20 per ticket. One of the winners will receive an NFA/Class III package featuring an integrally suppressed Ruger MKIII AND an Arsenal Gun Trust from Arsenal Attorneys.

To learn more about Loudoun County Friends of the NRA and their raffles, visit:

04 July 2012

Arsenal Attorneys is now providing a newsletter to friends and clients to share information about NFA issues and the Arsenal Gun Trust. Visit our website to sign up at

You’ll learn how to safely and lawfully own silencers, short barrel rifles and shotguns, and machine guns. This is a concern for you and also for anyone else who might handle or possibly have access to your NFA firearms. We also want to help people understand how to create an estate plan so their entire gun collection is inherited safely, privately, legally, and without the typical difficulties of the court system.

02 July 2012

Arsenal Attorneys has joined Sterling Arsenal to offer a series of free prizes to winners selected by the Virginia Gun Owners’ Forum. Click here for more details.

Winners will receive silencers with host weapons, an Arsenal Gun Trusts, and cash prizes.

Sterling Arsenal Works & Tactical Supply, LLC is an 07 FFL/02 NFA manufacturer based in Sterling, Virginia. They have quickly developed a strong reputation for customers services and high end firearms and merchandise for firearms enthusiasts, practical shooters, private military contractors, and law enforcement. They manufacture their own line of AR15 weapon platforms, in addition to enhanced Saiga shotguns, AK47, and AR 10–featuring sound suppressors, optics, illuminators and accessories. Sterling Arsenal is also a Glock armorer, and they offer gunsmithing for 1911, AR15 and other platforms.

Visit their new retail location, and check out their extensive inventory online here.

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