About Us

About Arsenal Attorneys™ 

Arsenal Attorneys™ is a law firm dedicated to gun owners. We have become renowned for our solutions to help you own firearms safely and lawfully: the Arsenal Gun Trust™.

Managing Attorney Matthew Bergstrom leads our team of in-house attorneys licensed to serve 40 states across America. He is personally licensed in Michigan, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  We view your safety and the safety of your loved ones as important as our duty to help you obey the law.  Consequently the firm's lawyers include NRA-certified firearms instructors and safety experts. Our office is located within walking distance of NRA headquarters in the Washington, DC area.  We often serve clients around the world through virtual meetings and a variety of modern telecommunications tools designed for the client's convenience.

Recently Mr. Bergstrom has testified before the Virginia Senate regarding legislation regarding the National Firearms Act, and he helped draft legislation addressing the regulation of machine guns.  He has also been a featured speaker in the field of trusts and firearms law in training for attorneys organized by the American Bar Association.  He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, Al Jazeera America, and ABC Washington, DC affiliate, WJLA.


Our Guiding Principles

Arsenal Attorneys™ serve our clients based on our commitment to our firm's guiding principles. You have our pledge to meet the following standards:

  • Perform at the Highest Level of Quality and Professionalism.
  • Communicate with Clarity and Transparency. You will always understand our relationship and the nature of our services. No middle man will be involved. We work for fixed fees with nothing hidden, so you'll be certain of your costs. You will find our final product user friendly.
  • Deliver Value: We are a modern, customer-oriented, and tech savvy law practice. We are organized to be efficient and affordable; however we are delivering what could be a life long benefit to you. Thus you are not rushed through this important process. During our consultation you will have a full opportunity to raise questions and to become knowledgeable about the issues.
  • Serve Gun Owners: Our services address your safety and privacy, and we anticipate the needs of loved ones who may one day handle or inherit your firearms.


Read what they're saying about us:


Arsenal Attorneys are "absolutely the best thing going right now when it comes to establishing a competent trust that will stand the test of time. . . Their fees are reasonable, and their approach to how the trusts are crafted is absolutely light years beyond anything else I've seen out there -- professionally-prepared or not. I spoke with them at-length last week about what they're doing, where they're headed, and the unique advantages afforded by the unique trust documents that they've devised, and was sufficiently impressed as to commission a new trust of my own." Posted to m4carbine.net by C. Petrie.