In this political environment, it's important for gun owners to monitor legal, political, and regulatory issues as closely as possible. That's why Arsenal Attorneys maintains a presnece near the headquartres of both BATFE and the NRA.

By now Arsenal Attorneys have served thousands of clients across America. Our attorneys often speak on major legal issues by providing testimony in legislative hearings concerning firearms regulations, and they have been interiewed by major media outlets. Additionally, the American Bar Association have asked Arsenal Attorneys to provide deliver training on firearms law to its membership. 

Most of our clients are individuals seeking to protect their gun collection as well as their loved ones who will one day in inherit their firearms. Our clients are motivated by a desire to be conscientious in light of the increased regulation of firearms. Our clientele include the full range of gun owners, including private citizens concerned with self-defense, sportsmen, collectors, law enforcement officers, military, and federal agents. We also help clients start new firearms-related businesses, including FFLs and firearms training businesses. 

Our services for gun owners include the Arsenal Gun Trust, concealed carry permits, FFLs, business services for firearms instructors, and representation before BATFE.