The Arsenal Gun Trust™ is:

  • A Legal Compliance System protecting your right to own guns
  • A Risk Management Tool protecting those handling your guns
  • An Estate Plan protecting those who inherit your guns

Depending on your own state's law, the Arsenal Gun Trust™ helps you obey gun control regulations, reduces the legal risks of handling restricted firearms, and helps your loved ones inherit your firearms safely, lawfully, and privately.  The Arsenal Gun Trust™ is particularly important for firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).  NFA firearms are sometimes called Class 3 or Title II firearms.  They include silencers (also known as suppressors), short barrel rifles (SBR), short barrel shotguns (SBS), and machine guns (fully automatic).

On July 13, 2016 '41F', an executive action by President Barak H. Obama, took effect for NFA firearms. Those new rules will not be retroactive, so NFA firearms previously registered will not be affected until, possibly, they are inherited.  Under 41F, the Arsenal Gun Trust™ will provide the key benefits of allowing legal possession by others, creating an estate plan to avoid the courts and a public record of who inherits your firearms, and enabling your firearms to be grandfathered for your successors and beneficiaries.   
Comply with Firearms Laws
The NFA regulates the ownership of SBRs, SBSs, machine guns, and silencers, in those states where they are permitted.  The Arsenal Gun Trust ™ is the legal entity of choice for NFA firearm ownership.  Arsenal Attorneys™ designed this solution to meet state law requirements for a revocable trust and gun ownership, as well as federal requirements for NFA firearm registration.  Moreover, it protects others who may handle or inherit your guns.  Your complete package of documents will include the Arsenal Gun Trust™ User's Guide, which will be valuable for you and your loved ones for years to come.  Remember, as gun laws continue remain complex and continue to change, the legal guidance provided by the Arsenal Gun Trust™ could help you and your loved ones stay safe and legal.
Manage Risk of Handling NFA firearms  
You can violate the NFA if another person simply has the potential, or knowledge of how, to access or control of your NFA firearms outside your presence. Consider these examples:
  • Your spouse knows the combination to your gun safe.
  • During lunch after target shooting with a friend, you leave your NFA firearms in his car.
  • While hunting you leave your NFA firearms in your parents' cabin.
  • A cousin stores your NFA firearms during your military deployment.
All of these situations run the risk of violating the NFA. The maximum penalties for such violations include:
  • $250,000 in fines
  • 10 years in jail
  • Confiscation of your guns
The Arsenal Gun Trust™ is your risk management solution for these situations. Others properly named in your trust may lawfully handle, store, and possess your NFA firearms, whether in an emergency or for your convenience.
Estate Planning for Firearms
The most over-looked aspect of gun safety and gun rights is estate planning.
When a gun owner becomes incapacitated or dies, his loved ones often mishandle his guns. They send his guns to the wrong person, in the wrong place, and in the wrong way. The "wrong person" can be the cousin who couldn't be trusted to handle a broom safely, let alone a gun, or it can be the favorite nephew convicted of a felony many years ago. "Wrong place" can mean a state that bans possession of your firearms. The "wrong way" can mean transferring them across state lines without following the proper procedures. The result is that your guns won't be safe and your loved ones won't be safe handling them. Instead of inheriting a gun, they could inherit a felony.
The estate planning contained in the Arsenal Gun Trust™ not only records your wishes concerning who should inherit your guns, but it also helps ensure your guns are safe until they've been placed in safe hands. The Arsenal Gun Trust™ may be used for an entire gun collection in most states, including non-NFA firearms, ammo, magazines, gear, etc. We believe this makes the Arsenal Gun Trust™ a tremendous value. For a low, one-time fee, you can enjoy both a life-long benefit and the peace of mind to know that those who inherit your gun collection are protected.  
Protecting the inheritance of firearms can also make the difference in the ability of your successors and beneficiaries to keep your firearms despite increasing restrictions on gun ownership.  If a trust is properly designed, subject to state law, a trust may continue beyond your lifetime, thereby grandfathering the NFA registrations for future generations.
How We Prepare Your Arsenal Gun Trust™
The Arsenal Attorneys™ will prepare your Arsenal Gun Trust™ based on your individual needs and circumstances. To begin the process, complete our online questionnaire.  In as little as a week, we'll deliver your completed documents. Once you sign them with witnesses and a notary, you'll immediately be ready to use them for BATFE applications. Based on your location, you may immediately place the rest of your non-NFA firearm collection, including ammunition and magazines, into the trust so that property is covered by your firearms estate plan.  
At any time you may request a consultation by one of the Arsenal Attorneys™ by telephone or you may visit our office in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  During our consultation, we can explain how the Arsenal Gun Trust™ works and how to use it for your firearms with respect to your local law.  We can discuss your goals and concerns so we can determine whether others should be included in your trust.    
We do not use a middle man, so you'll have a directy attorney-client relationship with our firm covered by our professional liability insurance.
Optional Services for Your Arsenal Gun Trust™
TKP-collageOur standard delivery is email so you have electronic files, which will include forms for you to re-use in the future.  We also offer our famous Turn-Key Package described here.  We can organize your documents in our custom binder in which we'll organize all of your documents printed on heavy duty, archival, acid free paper.  All the signature lines will be flagged for you, your witnesses, and your notary public.  Your documents will be divided and labeled with tab, and we'll include our full set to organize all your gun-related documents--from your tax stamps to your concealed carry permit, hunting licenses, receipts, and warranties.
About Our Firm
Managing Attorney Matthew Bergstrom leads our team of in-house attorneys to serve clients from nearly 40 states. Mr. Bergstrom has 22713592 10155808219419812 3381253653452462497 oserved as an instructor on gun trusts for the members of the American Bar Association, and many news outlets have featured Arsenal Attorneys' work. Our law firm includes lawyers who are NRA-certified in firearms safety to help guide clients and their loved ones in the proper and safe handling of gun collections. We also advise firearms-related businesses, including FFLs, to help them reduce risk and succeed. Our solutions prioritize firearms safety, privacy, and risk management.
Additionally, we serve a variety of clients, including private individuals, families, businesses and more. Recently our firm served as general counsel for a major presidential campaign. 
For clients interested in our Arsenal Gun Trust™, we are ready to serve you at your convenience by phone and email. 
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