Restore Your Rights to be a Gun Owner


If you reside in Virginia, and you have a criminal record preventing you from purchasing or possessing a firearm, we can help you determine whether your rights could be restored, and we can represent you throughout the process in which you can request the restoration of your rights.

While no possibility currently exists to restore rights following a conviction under federal law, certain Virginia residents convicted under state law may petition their own county circuit court to restore their gun rights.

The process begins by restoring your political rights, which enable you to vote, serve on a jury, act as a notary public, or seek public office. Virginia recently made restoration of political rights easier for Virginia residents who recently completed their sentences and any other conditions of their conviction. Additional steps may be required to restore political rights for those with older convictions or for petitioners with 'violent/more serious' convictions. 

If you are successful in restoring your political rights, you may petition your local circuit court for the restoration of your right to own and possess a firearm. The judge has sole discretion to determine whether your rights should be restored based on your criminal record, rehabilitation, and your contributions to society among other possible considerations. 

We have experience analyzing clients' eligibility for restoration of rights. We can then prepare all the necessary court filings and appear in court with you before the judge.