Renting out property can be monetarily advantageous but can also subject you to severe legal penalties if you do not comply with the local requirements before renting out your property, even a single room.

You might need to obtain a certificate of occupancy, a housing business license, and other requirements. Moreover, if you are already renting property and have not met these requirements, you are breaking the law.

Arsenal Attorneys can help you obtain all of the permits and licenses needed to rent your property as well as discuss with you how to guard against liability and take advantage of certain tax benefits available to landlords. We may also be able to help you avoid penalties if you currently are leasing your property without the proper documentation. Our attorneys are familiar with the complicated local permit process, and we are ready help you rent your property. We will do all of the work for you quickly so you are not only compliant, but avoid the hassle associated with the complex and often tedious process.

Finally, we strongly recommend you contact us to draft the lease agreement you will use with your tenants. After investing vast sums in acquiring and maintaining a property, you do not want to skimp with a do-it-yourself or out-of-date lease. Contact Arsenal Attorneys to discuss how we can help and protect you.


If you took your landlord's word at face value, you might believe you have little or no recourse when renting a property. You might be surprised to learn that the law protects you, or sometimes hiring a lawyer to be your strong advocate can resolve a problem.

Often tenant disputes arise between tenants. We can help you deal with a roommate who fails to contribute to rent or caused the loss of your security deposit.

If you're facing eviction, maintenance problems, rent or security deposit disputes, contact Arsenal Attorneys.